Arabs, Christians, and Jews

Arabs, Christians, and Jews
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ISBN: 0-929292-20-0
Author: James and Marti Hefley
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"The Middle East today is a tinderbox of chaos, turmoil, hostility, and frustration. Why can't the Jews and the Arabs work out their problems?" many people ask. "Why must the United States be so involved in the situation?" others wonder.

James and Marti Hefley began studying the Middle East in the mid-1960s. They have studied the region in detail, visited there many times, and read the exhausting data bank of books and other materials available on biblical prophecy involving the Middle East.

Their book provides an intense, quick, in-depth look at all the issues in the Middle East--from the Arab, Christian, and Jewish perspectives. The Hefleys present an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand explanation of how God is at work in the region, despite the interventions of well-meaning and misguided individuals.

Their conclusion: "All Christians, Jews, and Muslims can rejoice when peace comes. All will have better opportunities to share their faiths. Christians can show their fellow monotheists, who also believe in the God of Abraham, that true Christianity is love, not persecution; giving, not taking." As to the end-time events of the future? The authors state, "We can agree to disagree and leave the fulfillment of divine purposes to the Sovereign Lord of history."


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