Did Paul Approve of the Tongues Spoken in Corinth?

Did Paul Approve of the Tongues Spoken in Corinth?
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Author: Joe E. Tarry
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How does the Apostle Paul resolve the "tongues" debate?

Few issues throughout the years have caused such division in the church as has the role tongues-speaking is to play in one's corporate worship--as well as in one's private prayer-experience. Many debate Paul's seemingly contradictory stance on tongues that the apostle outlines in 1 and 2 Corinthians. Joe Tarry steps up to the daunting challenge of clarifying what Paul attempts to convey to the Corinthian church, which was seriously impacted by the practice. Joe, a retired missionary, experienced this heartbreak of division firsthand as he and his wife, Leona, served among Brazilian congregations on the mission field.

First to help Brazilians and now for U.S. Christians, Joe in a fresh way presents parallel analyses of arguments for and against speaking in tongues. He illustrates what he believes to be Paul's resolution of the tongues matter and then examines some of the far-reaching implications and ideas that often accompany a "speaking-in-tongues" theology. The reader may or may not agree with Joe's final conclusion, but his book is designed to prompt serious consideration of the Corinthian problem the Apostle Paul confronts—and over which churches continue to wrangle today.

Joe E. Tarry was born near Lovington, NM, in 1935. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Eastern New Mexico University and a master of divinity degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

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