Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today's Problems

Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today's Problems
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Author: Howard Hovde and Louis Moore
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"No one has ever had things this bad before."

Families who struggle with difficult interpersonal issues today sometimes feel lonely and isolated because they believe they grapple with challenging issues unique to them. Sibling rivalry, broken marriages, painful relocations, deaths of loved ones, and struggles in childrearing can leave families wondering how to manage the difficult trials of today.

However, biblical characters such as Abraham, David, Joseph, Paul, and the father of the Prodigal Son, if they were alive today, probably would be the first to identify with contemporary family woes and would contend that truly nothing new under the sun exists.

In their book, Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today’s Problems, authors Howard Hovde and Louis Moore walk the reader through family issues known to 12 different biblical families and show how modern families can take their cues from struggles of these bygone days. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions that make this book ideal for not only personal insight but also for small-group discussion or family study.

Howard Hovde, Ed.D., has been a marriage and family therapist, a pastor, and director of the Laity Lodge Retreat Center in Kerrville, TX. He is a popular speaker at seminars, conferences, and programs on marriage and family life. He and his wife, Carole, live in Kerrville. Louis Moore has been a newspaper reporter, editor, book author, and media manager for a religious denomination. He and his wife, Kay, have led marriage-enrichment retreats for couples throughout the United States and internationally. They live in Garland, TX.

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