Gleanings from God's Word

Gleanings from God's Word
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ISBN: 0-929292-65-0
Author: Gene and Jean Phillips
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These daily devotionals help you read through the Bible in a year.

Well-meaning Christians annually promise, "This year, I'll read the Bible through." So, why don't they often keep this important pledge to God and to themselves? Often they fall short because their devotional guide may not relate to their daily, sequential Bible study.

Authors Gene and Jean Phillips have remedied this in Gleanings from God's Word.

For each day's recommended, systematic Old Testament and New Testament readings, the Phillipses provide a central theme and key verse, along with a thoughtful, half-page devotional and sentence prayer on that theme.

The Phillipses, who served almost 50 years as Southern Baptist missionaries to three African countries, offer devotionals that are succinct and highly practical—ideal for today's busy lives. Their rich, contemporary stories (some from their dramatic years on the mission field) and useful insights make even the most tedious biblical passages—even the "begats"—relevant to a reader's daily walk.

Devotions speak of the Phillipses' dramatic rescue from abduction, the mental illness of one of the Phillipses' sons and the drug addiction of another, their bush-country living, threats throughout an era of African civil war, and tragic accidents—all incidents that tried them with more than any Christian could be expected to endure. Through it all, the Phillipses were sensitive to what God was teaching them and used every trial to grow in faith.


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