Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip

Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip
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ISBN: 0-929292-41-3
Author: Carol V. Weishampel
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At age 60, after rearing two children born to her and 10 she adopted, educator and single mom Carol V. Weishampel had every reason to "chill out"—to take life leisurely.

Instead, she saw her approaching 60th birthday as a time to fulfill a longtime dream and challenge—to drive her motor home to "chilly" Alaska via the Alcan Highway, the famous route built during World War II in Weishampel's birth year.

Not content merely to tour as she made her long-awaited journey, Weishampel, who holds a doctorate in education, volunteered at an Alaskan youth camp; aided a struggling, pioneer church; and managed numerous, information-packed but nail-biting side trips along the 13,000-mile way.

Her adventures are chronicled in her newest book, Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip.

Weishampel, who traveled from Texas to Alaska with her 12-year-old grandson, Chris, and two Sheltie dogs, first won readers' admiration with her previous book, Grandma's On the Go. Here, Weishampel chronicles uproarious tales of taking her brood through 26 states as she upgraded through five campers and motor homes.

A second book, Adopting Darrell, tracked the life of one of her adopted children who was shaken by his biological mother in a fit of rage shortly after his birth. Weishampel describes her excruciating struggles to give Darrell a normal life yet her limitations against his profound challenges.

Like Grandma's On the Go, Weishampel's new book about her three-month Alaskan journey is packed with informative tips on RV’ing and trip preparation, cost-cutting measures on the road, and a spellbinding travelogue with vivid descriptions of various points of interest as she motored through the West, Pacific Northwest, and on to Alaska.

Her courage and determination to be an itinerant missionary while she soaked up the scenery can encourage many to find new outlets for service even as they enter the so-called "senior years".


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