In Care of the Conductor

In Care of the Conductor
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 978-0-929292-76-2
Author: Jim Rogers
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A Depression-era childhood. A mother who doesn't give up and who supports her family on waitress wages after her husband takes off. A grandmother who insists that her young grandson return a toy he stole and say, "I'm sorry." These are the recollections of Jim Rogers, who spent many childhood days shuttling back and forth between his mother and grandparents on a train and wearing a sign that says, "In Care of the Conductor".

A true page-turner in the style of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer but with the message of family values, In Care of the Conductor is Rogers' boyhood story of growing up on a farm in Mississippi with grandparents who take him in after his family dissolves. Jim writes about the grandfather he reveres as "Daddy Floyd", who becomes his guiding star after his father deserts the family. Daddy Floyd champions some Mississippi blacks after they are ill-treated by some neighbors. Jim writes about sibling rivalry with an aunt, who sees him as "Little Brother". He tells about escaping from a snake in the corn crib, a heart-stopping ride on the back of a runaway hog, turning the tables on the prankish Johnson boys, digging for buried treasure, and much more.

Little Jimmie goes on to become the Grandpa of homeschooling in the "Show-Me" state. He and his wife, Laura, start the first Accelerated Christian Education school in Missouri and are honored by Families for Home Education as "Homeschoolers of the Year". Rogers, whose book reflects on the many "good conductors" in his life, returns that care to others who need nurture as he did then.


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