In His Steps Today

In His Steps Today
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 978-0-8024-4057-0
Author: Marti Hefley
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"What would Jesus do?"

In the classic In His Steps by Charles Sheldon some Christian group members make this motto their guide for daily living. Their lives are set aglow for Christ. But that was in 1890! Would the same commitment work today? Another group of Christians decides to try it. Heather, a homemaker, obsessed by her beautiful home, is the central character whose experiences and decisions interweave with those of the other members. A professional baseball player and his pregnant wife; an ambitious car dealer; a beautiful, withdrawn matron in a home for adults who are mentally challenged; a doctor and his sensitive wife; and a brilliant computer expert and his librarian spouse all face inner frustrations and outside obstructions to fully yielding their lives to Christ.

Prestige, money, possessions, past sorrows, and personal time have to be sacrificed or at least put in second place. Only then will they gain the spiritual help, joy, and satisfaction God is willing and waiting to give those who allow Jesus to truly live His life through them.

Marti Hefley, a prolific freelance writer, was graduated from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and is the author of Strictly Feminine. She has co-authored numerous books including The Liberated Palestinian, Dawn over Amazonia, God’s Tribesman, and Uncle Cam. As a 16-year-old she read In His Steps and thought, “Somebody ought to write a version for today.” In His Steps Today is the fulfillment of that comment.

In His Steps Today is a re-release of a highly popular book by Hannibal Books co-founder Marti Hefley. The original was released in 1976.

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