Just for Jesus: God Called, a Family Answered

Just for Jesus: God Called, a Family Answered
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 0-929292-47-2
Author: Marti Hefley
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Would God tell an untrained layman with four daughters and an infant son to move into the worst slum in town and minister to drunk men?

The whole idea sounds preposterous to Jim Resh as God begins dealing with him about such a radical proposal. Surely God would want a trained minister—one without so many children to be put at risk in such a setting, Jim argues.

But God indeed has called Jim, his wife, Ellen, and their five children to leave their mountain home and to start a rescue mission on squalid Jail Alley in Hagerstown, MD. This story of God's work in and through one family is a testament to His unpredictability and power. Until Jim follows God's plan, he uproots his family many times because of a restlessness he cannot shake. Illnesses of their children place the ministry in jeopardy. Government regulations place a stranglehold of paperwork on the mission and even threaten to shut it down.

Most discouraging of all, men who respond to the message of Jesus Christ return to alcohol time and time again. Yet friendship, love, and acceptance continue to flow from the Reshes—a family of "just plain folks" who are willing to rely on God's leadership.

Years later, this once-tiny mission has expanded to include many branch missions in a four-state area, radio and TV programs, and numerous other ministries. Union Rescue Mission today remains open to all those who want help of any kind. Thousands have received hope from the sign at the door: "If you haven't a friend in the world, you have one here."


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