Making the Most of the Best of Your Life

Making the Most of the Best of Your Life
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ISBN: 0-929292-15-4
Author: Kathryn Grant
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"Far from being a curse, could it be that aging may be one of life's greatest gifts?"

So sums up the outlook of Kathryn Grant, mother of four and grandmother of five, about entering the era sometimes called the "mature" years.

Grant, who steps into a new phase of life when she and her husband, Worth, return to the U.S. from careers as missionaries in Japan, is determined not to rust out as she throws herself into a whole new Stateside career and settles into "seniorhood".

From her own experiences, Grant offers a treasure house of inspiration and guidance for making the most and the best of years ahead. With wisdom, faith, and hope, Grant and co-author Penny Giesbrecht tackle such topics as building friendships with grown children, deepening intimacy and partnership in marriage, caring for one's own aging parents, dealing with personal illness, and finding deliverance from fear.

Grant addresses the reality of death and states that the mature years are times for Christians to decide whether to put feet to their faith or merely to give lip-service to it: "We can choose to accept aging as a gift or we can deny life's mortality and live for the moment."

About opportunities for ministry by older adults, she writes, "There is no retirement age in God's kingdom work, no times when we're all washed up and no one needs us. In fact, if we're ever responsible for ministry, it is now," she says.


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