Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers Member Book

Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers Member Book
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 0-929292-95-2
Author: Ken Sande and Kay Moore
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An in-depth study guide of ways to implement the practical teachings of peacemaking, in which members can turn conflicts into opportunities to glorify God.

Interpersonal strife is everpresent in our homes, workplaces, communities, and even in our churches. But does conflict always have to end in ruptured relationships and painful wounds that in some cases never heal?

Attorney Ken Sande reminds us that the Bible outlines specific, clear-cut ways for Christians to work out disagreements and avoid lawsuits and to understand and practice forgiveness. Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers offers rich, practical insights from God's Word and highly relevant case studies for anyone who wants more peaceable relations with family members, co-workers, neighbors, fellow church members, and others.

This in-depth study guide is adapted from Sande's top-selling book, The Peacemaker, now in its Third Edition and widely used in the Christian community. Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers is especially focused for Sunday-school study but can be used in other church settings.

Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers Member Book is a six-unit course with an optional section of six additional weeks, designed for individual study in the context of a large group. It also provides resources for weekly group sessions.

The companion book, Peacefakers, Peacebreakers, and Peacemakers Leader Guide (0-929292-94-4), provides helpful guidance, leadership suggestions, and proposed activities for weekly group sessions.

Ken Sande is president of Peacemaker Ministries. For more than 20 years he has taught biblical peacemaking, written numerous resources, and helped countless Christians resolve conflicts in their families, churches, and businesses. Co-author Kay Moore is a veteran church curriculum writer and a former senior editor for LifeWay Christian Resources.


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