Sharing Your Faith with Muslims

Sharing Your Faith with Muslims
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 978-1-934749-97-5
Author: Wade Akins
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An Eye-Opener about Islam and Evangelizing Muslims

Learn what you as a Christian need to know to relate to Muslims in a LOVING WAY. Learn: Who was Mohammad? Is he the perfect model for the human race? How did he start the Muslim religion? What are the keys to reading and understanding the Koran? What does the Koran contain that is causing all the violence?

Learn what Islam teaches about God, The Bible, Jesus Christ, Sin, Salvation, Afterlife, Terrorism, Women’s rights, and Much More. Learn in a practical way about how to share your faith with Muslims: How God is using prayer, dreams, and visions to reach Muslims; Islamic customs and things to avoid; How to start a conversation with Muslims; The Jesus Approach; Evangelistic Bible studies for Muslims.

Learn this and much, much more when you read and study this most exciting and practical book.

Wade Akins for more than 40 years has served as a missionary. He has served with the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He became a global evangelist and church-planting trainer. He and his wife, Barbara, have served in a special training ministry called Pioneer Evangelism and taught and trained nationals in more than 60 nations of the world. They serve with Pioneer Missions based in Jackson, TN. His web site is:

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