The Secret File on John Birch

The Secret File on John Birch
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ISBN: 0-929292-80-4
Author: James and Marti Hefley
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Most Americans recognize the name of John Birch because of the high-profile and often controversial anti-communist John Birch Society founded in his honor. But few people know the true story of this courageous Christian missionary and United States intelligence agent to whom countless American airmen in China during World War II owe their lives.

James and Marti Hefley's book reveals the background of this patriotic young man who was gunned down and mutilated by Chinese Communists 12 days after the war ended and who many believe was the true unsung hero of the China War Theater in World War II.

The truth of who John Birch was and what he stood for negates the preconceived notions many Americans may have of this World War II figure and depicts him as the crackerjack whom Chennault sent out to rescue American airmen who were shot down in remote areas of China.

Birch's strong view of patriotism, coupled with his romance with a Scottish nurse, give a sense of joyous release when victory is won in China. This contrasts vividly with the visualization of his mutilated body and the ensuing cover-up of his murder, theoretically to keep Americans from rising in their wrath and vetoing further appeasement of communism in that post-World War II China era.

 The file, for decades marked "Secret" and placed under lock and key, finally was declassified in 1972 through the Freedom of Information Act. Through countless interviews with military officials, Birch's officer colleagues, members of the Birch family, and other organizations, the Hefleys piece together an unprecedented look into the life of this intriguing and misunderstood war hero.

The Hefleys do not attempt to deify Birch but present a balanced, integrated view of this noble young American who died unnecessarily. They have done all Americans a profound favor in producing this book, which reveals the price that one heroic individual paid for the rights and freedoms of many.


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