The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 4

The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 4
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ISBN: 0-929292-04-9
Author: James C. Hefley
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The crucial turning-point years in the SBC controversy were 1987-89. The battle moved from the convention floor to the boards of trustees and eventually the halls of employment of the SBC's agencies and schools.

Were the SBC a for-profit company, its assets, annual income and size of its employment would mark it as one of the largest companies in the country. But the SBC is a denomination, with its economic/social impact often overlooked. Nevertheless, as the conservative movement progressed, it inevitably had to come to terms with the huge bureaucracy and resources of its agencies and schools.

The catch-phrase in 1988 was, "It takes one type of soldier to win the peace and another kind to maintain the peace." What that meant was, could the combatant conservatives truly manage the denomination's assets and resources once they were truly in complete control and power?

As the turnover of power began, all eyes were on these institutions; conservatives were untested and unsure of their ability to manage large bureaucracies; moderates knew how but they also knew how to use the institutions as barriers to the rising conservatives.

In his usual candid and meticulous style Hefley details the battle during these crucial years.


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