The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 6

The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 6
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 0-929292-19-7
Author: James C. Hefley
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In response to customer requests, Hannibal Books in 2004 reprinted James C. Hefley's much sought-after Volume 6 (sometimes called The Missing Volume) of the classic The Truth in Crisis series. The reprint marked the first time in 14 years that the volume was available to the reading public.

Also known as The Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention, Volume 6 was published in limited quantities in 1991. It immediately sold out; at that time Hannibal Books did not choose to reprint.

Hefley wrote Volume 6 as his final report on the controversy between 1979 and 1991 that rocked and dramatically changed the nation's largest non-Catholic denomination. The book contains 364 pages and is about twice the size of each of Volumes 1 through 5. Hefley designed the book to be a condensed version of the other five volumes but with additional materials included. Then at the time of publication he changed his mind and listed the book as Volume 6.

Hefley, who founded Hannibal Books in 1984 and sold the company in 1999 to Louis and Kay Moore, died in 2004.

He described the book as ". . . the wrap-up book of The Truth in Crisis series." He noted that it "covered 70 years of eventful Southern Baptist history, culminating in the most revolutionary change of a denomination in American church history."

"Here is very recent history available nowhere else, including the dramatic 'Showdown at the Sunday School Board', the account of the crucial 1991 overturn at Southern Seminary, 'Baylor University--Saved or Stolen?', and much much more," Hefley wrote on the book's back cover.

He called the book "a 'must' study for Southern Baptist pastors, agency employees, seminarians, professors and laity who want the full story of what is happening to Southern Baptists." He said the book would be "helpful to anyone who wishes to understand how a major church body was turned in a more conservative direction by a grassroots movement that got out the vote to defeat one of the most powerful religious establishments in America."

In its reprint, Hannibal Books neither edited nor changed in any way Hefley's original manuscript. The book appears exactly as it did in 1991 except for address and website changes for Hannibal Books and the addition of one page dedicating the reprint to James and Marti Hefley. The two died in the spring of 2004 of unrelated illnesses only weeks apart. The dedication says, "Together in life. Together again singing praises around God's throne."

Dr. Lewis Drummond, former president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., wrote the foreword.

Today, various volumes of The Truth in Crisis series, especially Volume 1, are used as textbooks in most Southern Baptist seminaries.

During his lifetime, Hefley authored and co-authored about 50 books. Besides six volumes in The Truth in Crisis series, Hefley was perhaps best known outside the Southern Baptist Convention for his Way Back series about life in the Ozark Mountains during the Depression years.

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