Way Back When

Way Back When
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 0-929292-08-1
Author: James C. Hefley
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The history of the Ozark Mountains springs to life in this fully documented narrative. Author James C. Hefley's personal expedition to learn more about his own family roots is expanded into a look at the "good ol' days" that can prompt all readers to appreciate the ties that they have to the "way back when".

As Hefley makes discoveries along his ancestral trails just as the first white settlers made their way into the Big Creek Valley of Arkansas, he tells stories of old-timers that illuminate the difficulties faced on the frontier. He combines local yarns with those of legendary outlaws such as Frank and Jesse James.

Hefley's search for his ancestors leads him to Spencer County, IN, where he uncovers some surprising connections with Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Baines Johnson. In other chapters, he writes about the valley's Indians, including the notorious Chief Longhair, halfbreed leader of a Confederate outlaw band; colorful Sam Davis, the first white settler in the valley; the famous Nicholas-Smith feud; Civil War clashes between Big Creek Union men and bandits who supported the Confederacy; frontier doctors and preachers; and much more.

Although much of the world Hefley described has vanished and families are spread across the continent rather than across the creek, Way Back When evokes a unique glimpse into a way of life that has shaped many succeeding generations.


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