Way Back in the Country

Way Back in the Country
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 0-929292-50-2
Author: Kay Wheeler Moore
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Way Back in the Country, in the days of yesteryear, the biggest events around were two-week-long outdoor revivals and box suppers, where the most creative dinner pails took the prize—when food always was a key link in a family's sweet communion.

In farm-rich Delta County, Texas, you'll still hear folks speak of the Three Red-Haired Miller Girls, who grew up in those bygone times and whose family remains legedary for its plentiful, inventive cooking. Enter the world of the Miller Girls and their farm kin, as their antics are woven around this fresh, eclectic recipe collection that will make your mouth water as you read. The mishaps and victories of the six generations that encompass these real-life characters will have you laughing, crying, and eager to cook their way and perhaps to preserve a few recipes of your own.

Written in the "Way Back" spirit of James C. Hefley and "Ozark Monk" Hefley, who popularized Hannibal's other "Way Back" books.

Kay Wheeler Moore is a Pulitzer-Prize nominee whose previous books are When the Heart Soars Free, a book of Christian fiction, and Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life, based on her Houston Chronicle newspaper series. 

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