We Can Change America

We Can Change America
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ISBN: 0-929292-05-7
Author: Darylann Whitemarsh
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Can one average Christian really make a difference in the United States? Author Darylann Whitemarsh emphatically says yes!

This thoroughly researched book reminds readers of the vision of America's founders: "one nation under God." Unfortunately the American media now works to reshape society, she contends. The "media habits of Christians are basically no different from non-Christians," she says. However, many citizens have fought back to change public schools, the criminal justice system, politics, and the media.

The book contends that any American can follow these citizens' examples to impact society in both large and small ways. Drawing from her own experiences and those of others around the country, Whitemarsh explains how to find a special area of moral concern and to act on it.

How does one decide which political party or candidates to support? Will the media report on a Christian position fairly? What can a person do about inaccurate or biased textbooks and teaching in public schools? Should Christians send lobbyists to Congress? What does "separation of church and state" really mean? What can a church legally do? When—and how—should a person write an effective letter to the editor on an issue of concern?

The author, a highly recognized public-school teacher and Christian political activist in Wisconsin, provides detailed answers to these and many other questions, emphasizing biblical principles. She also includes a glossary of political terms.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 reads: Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all your mightWe Can Change America shows us how.


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