What if Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus?

What if Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus?
Brand: Hannibal Books
ISBN: 978-1-934749-14-2
Author: Gary Stone
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A stomach-churning tightrope walk across quicksand. A loving big brother who takes a beating to introduce a future missionary to the power of grace and mercy. The sad fate of a Guatemalan beggar who rejects free medical treatment. A large glass beaker that brims with blood as a Mayan priest sacrifices animal after animal.

Nothing beats a riveting missionary story. And missionary Gary T. Stone retells events from his life as a Christian and his work in missions like no one else can. Besides the gripping tales like those above, many lighter moments punctuate What if Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus?

The ludicrous expression of horror on the face of a mission-team member when, on removing his shoe after he makes a long trip, out slides the limp corpse of a green lizard.An “it’s-funny-because-it’s-true” look at a “He-e-ere, sinner, sinner, sinner” approach to evangelism. A flight attendant’s absurdly stern threats about what might happen if passengers dare to congregate at the lavatory.

Gary Stone is very much a storyteller. And at the foundation of each tale lies Gary's wry, gentle humor and the tenderness he has for God and His children. Much like Jesus Himself, Gary uses everyday situations to explain a much bigger truth. Once you read a story such as “The Christmas Buzzard”, you’ll understand his true talent for seeing spiritual principles in the least likely of circumstances.

For 23 years Gary Stone and his wife, Lily, have served as International Mission Board missionaries in Ecuador, Australia, and Guatemala. They are blessed with two wonderful children, Lindsay and Will.

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