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Hannibal Books specializes in international missions books written by, about, and for Evangelical Christians. Many of our books have been used by groups such as Woman's Missionary Union and United Methodist Women as missions studies.

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What if Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus?
A stomach-churning tightrope walk across quicksand. A loving big brother who takes a beating to i..
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Awaken the Dawn
Lisa Andersen gave in to God's call to teach at a remote jungle school in South America for one y..
Movin' Mountains
Meet Charity Lynne Waller, a 7-year-old girl with blue eyes, freckles, and dark brown hair just l..
Beyond Surrender
One family's quest to bring light to West Africa's darkness After surrendering to missions in..
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Just for Jesus: God Called, a Family Answered
Would God tell an untrained layman with four daughters and an infant son to move into the worst s..
Misadventures in Travel: A Missionary's Experience in Brazil
God's ambassadors on foreign soil . . . or sheep among wolves? Were Paula and Van Edwards called ..
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Gleanings from God's Word
These daily devotionals help you read through the Bible in a year. Well-meaning Christians an..
The Secret File on John Birch
Most Americans recognize the name of John Birch because of the high-profile and often controversi..
Hearing Christ's Voice
Do our lives keep others from hearing the good news of Jesus? People can have the gospel of J..
Make-Believers: Ending the Pretending to Live Happily Ever After
Ever feel as though your Christian life is more like a performance on stage for God and the world..
Christianity: From Light into Darkness
What happened to the Christian church after Pentecost? How did the early church after A.D. 100 gr..
Being an Aroma of Christ
Many people nurture the common stereotype of missionaries as the perfect, put-up-on-a-pedestal Ch..
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