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Witness to the Truth (paperback version)
The gloves-off, unvarnished truth about the church in today's world . . . told through the eyes o..
Left Alive to Die
How can we forget? We MUST NOT forget! The Vietnam War, though an uncomfortable part of Amer..
Finding a Job God's Way
What does the Bible have to say about job-hunting? Everything you'd ever want to know, contends a..
Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence
Should believers bring on the booze?Is the moderate use of alcohol for recreational purposes a wa..
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Created to be Spiritual
Why do we constantly struggle against the cruel attacks of Satan? With the heart of a pastor ..
Did Paul Approve of the Tongues Spoken in Corinth?
How does the Apostle Paul resolve the "tongues" debate? Few issues throughout the years have ..
Jesus Restores True Spirituality
What did God design people to be like in their sinless state? When God creates the first huma..
The Last Week of Seven Years and the Apostle John's Surprise
Although hundreds upon hundreds of books have been written to analyze the prophetic riddle in Dan..
The Vanishing Church
Why IS the church losing its influence in modern society? In a powerful and refreshingly hon..
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The Most Excellent Way
A refreshing and practical approach to being like Jesus in this world. Simply-profound, and spiri..
Be a 24/7 Christian
Missionary strategist teaches how to live under Christ's Lordship. What does a life lived una..
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Incredibly Gifted
What does the Bible really say about spiritual gifts? That's a question many are asking today in ..
Living Richly: How to Plug into Real Power Connections
How can I live a richer, fuller life? How can I get more out of day-to-day Christian living? Gene..
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We Can Change America
Can one average Christian really make a difference in the United States? Author Darylann Whitemar..
Witness to the Truth (Hardback version)
Keepsake hardback version, with beautiful dust jacket.   The gloves-off, unvarnishe..