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Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today's Problems
"No one has ever had things this bad before." Families who struggle with difficult interperso..
Now My Eye Sees You
Three degrees in theology, years in the pastorate, daily immersion in the Scriptures: they all ta..
Finding a Job God's Way
What does the Bible have to say about job-hunting? Everything you'd ever want to know, contends a..
Sex 101
This book, simply stated, is about the enjoyment of the physical union that God created between m..
Way Back in the Hills Book 2: Fesser Goes to College (larger version)
Way back in the hills of Newton County, AR, 13-year-old James Carl Hefley, the child prodigy of B..
Way Back When
The history of the Ozark Mountains springs to life in this fully documented narrative. Author Jam..
In Care of the Conductor
A Depression-era childhood. A mother who doesn't give up and who supports her family on waitress ..
No Other Time Like This One
Ever wondered what became of the person voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in your high-school gradua..
Way Back in the Gardenia Rows
What are the tangible moments in life in which God has been so real to you, you can almost hear H..
Grandma's on the Go
What makes a reasonably sane, single mom pack up her nine (yes, nine!) adopted kids for a 3,000-m..
Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip
At age 60, after rearing two children born to her and 10 she adopted, educator and single mom Car..
Adopting Darrell
A mother's faith journey in parenting a profoundly difficult child. Answers to questions and hope..
The Wit and Wisdom of Pastor Joe Brumbelow
What kind of preacher is a good-natured practical jokester one moment and a monofocused, passiona..
Daughter of No One
Great for kids ages 8-12! All alone in the world, Welki wonders whether she matters to anyone..
Country Music Comin' Home
Few people can refute the influence of music on society. Country Music Comin' Home gives an overv..