Family Matters

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As the Sparks Fly Upward
Jimmy and Johnny Burns don't go out hunting adventure. They don't have to. Hair-raising scrapes l..
Country Music Comin' Home
Few people can refute the influence of music on society. Country Music Comin' Home gives an overv..
Where Is God When a Child Suffers?
Penny and Tim Giesbrecht naively believed that bad things couldn't happen to good Christians—un..
12 + Me
Great for young readers! Through tough times and good ones, life and love fill the Dunker hom..
Making the Most of the Best of Your Life
"Far from being a curse, could it be that aging may be one of life's greatest gifts?" So sums..
On the 8th Day, God Laughed
Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Certainly not three-time Emmy Award winner Gene Perre..
The Meaning of Christmas
Great for kids ages 0-8 A children's story in picture and verse using familiar nursery-rhyme ..
Way Back in the Ozarks (larger version)
The story of Howard "Ozark Monk" Hefley and the critters who roam the hills and hollers with him ..
Way Back in the Ozarks Book 2: The Story of a Boy, his dog and his 'coon (larger version)
"Ozark Monk" Hefley moves into his middle childhood years as his shenanigans continue, with his l..