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You Will Never Run Out of Jesus
After a successful 25-year medical career as a surgeon and in family practice, Dr. William D. Bai..
Being Me, Being Free
Hi! I'm Meredith Grace. Today was my first day of 3rd grade. Boy, did I learn a lot of interestin..
The Purple Curtain
What's beautiful? Beauty sells. From today's vantage point beauty is defined by personal tas..
The Offense of Grace
Vince Mercardante of Father Speaks Ministries ( feels driven to ”teach, pr..
Living in His Presence: Experience the Reality of God
Read What Others Are Saying about This Book: Gina reveals her deepest reflections as she pull..
My Professor Says the Bible is a Myth
The facts your college professor doesn't want you to know . . . Record numbers of high schoo..
Between Friends: A Woman's Look at Mentoring God's Way
Join mentoring expert and author Kristi Neace as she explores the definition of a true godly ment..
Thank God for My Enemies
Enemies are a fact of life. How one deals with one's enemies is the real issue. In his usual ..
This Man Called Bull
Epic Hero . . . Relentless Anomaly . . . Ernest T. “Bull” Adams was the first-ever Rhodes..
Behold the Lamb: The Meaning of Revelation
If your Bible is open to the Book of Revelation, you need this companion book open at its side. ..
A Bruised Reed
Will God crush this bruised, rebellious reed? A Bruised Reed is based on bites of informati..
The Gazoo at the Zoo
Join the loveable Gazoo, an imaginary character who lives at the zoo, as his dream to be around c..
Legacy of Prayer
The most important parenting skill to hone is prayer. Prayer has no boundaries. It is bound neith..
Proverbs & Principles for Parenting Practically Perfect Progeny
"When the nurse placed our first son, Jason, into my arms and announced that we were free to go h..
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A Father's Betrayal: Condemned to Die
He used to call me his son. Now he calls me his prisoner. The nightmare started six years ago ..