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Run Well, Finish Strong
Join Jean Stockdale for a look into God’s Word for timeless truths on handing down your faith t..
YOU-nique: Embracing God's Design for You
Discover what God means for you to be and contribute . . . More than ever before, people tod..
The Miracle of Oneness
God's goal for marriage is oneness: For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and ..
Go If You Must
A yearning that could not be denied—a yearning to answer God's call . . . An earlier call t..
Manley Beasley: Man of Faith - Instrument of Revival
This is the story of not just a man but of his message—a timeless message for every generation..
Bo Peep's Prize
For weeks, Holly has been practicing and preparing for her school's Horse Show. Her mother has ev..
Calling Down the Fire
In recent years God has given America's churches the ear of our nation. The aftermath of 9/11 and..
YOU-nique: Embracing God's Design for You Companion Guide
Discover what God means for you to be and contribute . . .   More than ever before, peop..
Historical Atlas of Texas Methodism
A Practical, Comprehensive Guide to Methodism in Texas through the Last Two Centuries The His..
The Butterfly-Maker
As a child growing up Charles Joseph Serna often felt as though he was a lowly worm because of th..
Beautiful Feet: A Day Spa for Your Soul
Enjoy a spiritually refreshing stay at the spa . . . What woman doesn't benefit from the clea..
The Practice of Repentance
What does being sorry for one's sins truly mean? Why do many Christians regret their wrongdoings ..
Why We Stay Stuck
Destructive relationships, vicious cycles of codependent family members, living with secret shame..
America, Wake Up!
In America, Wake Up!, author Addie Anderson urges our nation to return to God. Addie cites t..
The Cast of Characters as Recorded in the Old Testament
From the author: The Cast of Characters, as recorded in the Old Testament, has taken many yea..
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