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A Gift of Love: As Seen Through a Daughter's Eyes
In A Gift of Love, Sue Lovett Ray recalls her growing-up years in the early 1900s. She describes ..
The Milldale Story--Its People, Its Mission, Its God
"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" was the question Nathaniel asked when Philip told him a..
The Watered Garden
At 17 years of age, Blanche Greene answered God's call to missions. Twelve years later, after..
Evolution: How a Theory Made a Monkey Out of Man
Can a belief in evolution and Christianity coexist? Many outspoken scientists believe the the..
Live Like a Queen: Reigning in Real Life
Help! My crown is crooked! As members of God’s royal family, we are called to reign in real..
Iris: Trophy of Grace
Iris Urrey was reared in a middle-class Christian home, but she was rebellious almost from the st..
Following the Vision: A History of Baptists in Honduras
As exotic as it is beautiful, Honduras evokes thoughts of bananas, the beautiful blue Caribbean S..
Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land
Dig deep into these sketches of Bible lands and grow spiritually . . .   What do the key..
Home Education by Design
An overwhelming flood of information, options, and advice. That's what parents who homeschool oft..
One-Liners to Live By
In the ancient world, scholars believed that wisdom was best demonstrated by the capacity to redu..
Secrets in His Presence: Fresh Encounters with God
Secrets in His Presence: Fresh Encounters With God is an enjoyable journey in pursuit of intimacy..
Even at 93 years of age Martha Bible Smith is not afraid to delve into "the life of the mind". Sh..
You Will Never Run Out of Jesus
After a successful 25-year medical career as a surgeon and in family practice, Dr. William D. Bai..
Being Me, Being Free
Hi! I'm Meredith Grace. Today was my first day of 3rd grade. Boy, did I learn a lot of interestin..
The Purple Curtain
What's beautiful? Beauty sells. From today's vantage point beauty is defined by personal tas..