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These books are produced by CrossHouse Publishing, a partner company with Hannibal Books. They are made available to our customers as a service and convenience and also because of their quality and dedication to the values on which Hannibal Books was founded. For more information, visit

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A Boy Named Beau
Great for kids ages 0-5! A Boy Named Beau is a wonderfully illustrated children's book about ..
Thank God for My Cross
After spending nearly a lifetime on drugs and alcohol as well as serving time in prison, Clark Cr..
Joy in the Journey: A Joyful Look at the Book of Phillippians
Fasten Your Seatbelts for a Bumpy Ride! Traveling life's journey with the Lord Jesus Christ i..
Go If You Must: And He Will Go With You
Helen Spaulding's nest was being stirred again. Helen, home from a meaningful potpourri of overse..
Life: Tips for the Journey
Jim Bryant has with this book done what many of us have at times thought of doing but will never ..
365 Days of Life
Staying in Charge of Your Choices We can't always control what life dishes out to us in the cour..
The Secret Source of Strength: Fresh Fire for God's People
Discover Your Secret Source of Strength Within! Mothering is a holy occupation that produces ..
Ten Life Choices
God created us to live life to the fullest—to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, ..
A Gift of Love: As Seen Through a Daughter's Eyes
In A Gift of Love, Sue Lovett Ray recalls her growing-up years in the early 1900s. She describes ..
The Milldale Story--Its People, Its Mission, Its God
"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" was the question Nathaniel asked when Philip told him a..
The Watered Garden
At 17 years of age, Blanche Greene answered God's call to missions. Twelve years later, after..
Evolution: How a Theory Made a Monkey Out of Man
Can a belief in evolution and Christianity coexist? Many outspoken scientists believe the the..
Live Like a Queen: Reigning in Real Life
Help! My crown is crooked! As members of God’s royal family, we are called to reign in real..
Iris: Trophy of Grace
Iris Urrey was reared in a middle-class Christian home, but she was rebellious almost from the st..
Following the Vision: A History of Baptists in Honduras
As exotic as it is beautiful, Honduras evokes thoughts of bananas, the beautiful blue Caribbean S..