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Jesus Restores True Spirituality
What did God design people to be like in their sinless state? When God creates the first huma..
The Vanishing Church
Why IS the church losing its influence in modern society? In a powerful and refreshingly hon..
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In Care of the Conductor
A Depression-era childhood. A mother who doesn't give up and who supports her family on waitress ..
When the Heart Soars Free
A storybook romance blooms when two ski experts meet in a picturesque mountain wonderland. The tw..
Be a 24/7 Christian
Missionary strategist teaches how to live under Christ's Lordship. What does a life lived una..
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Incredibly Gifted
What does the Bible really say about spiritual gifts? That's a question many are asking today in ..
No Other Time Like This One
Ever wondered what became of the person voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in your high-school gradua..
Faith That Works Leader Guide
Faith will not be a nebulous term after you complete this study on the Book of James. Anne Forten..
The Most Excellent Way
A refreshing and practical approach to being like Jesus in this world. Simply-profound, and spiri..
Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life
What do you say to a mother you've never seen? True stories of trial and triumph in the sear..
Grandma's on the Go
What makes a reasonably sane, single mom pack up her nine (yes, nine!) adopted kids for a 3,000-m..
Way Back in the Country Garden
Frugal, resourceful cooking . . . Powerful family ties . . .  Way Back in the Country Ga..
White Butterfly
While parents minister, a beloved daughter disappears off the face of the earth. Unwavering l..
Servant on the Edge of History
An awful time . . . An awesome God. Again and again it happens. Bombs fall in a nearby shoppi..
Life Is a Jungle (larger version)
Life is a Jungle by Ron Snell is Book 2 of The Rani Adventures, also known as The Jungle Series. ..