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Life Is a Jungle (larger version)
Life is a Jungle by Ron Snell is Book 2 of The Rani Adventures, also known as The Jungle Series. ..
Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip
At age 60, after rearing two children born to her and 10 she adopted, educator and single mom Car..
Tested and tried with more than any Christian could be expected to endure, these servants refused..
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Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D.: Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times
What one life intertwined with serving God and the people of India can do . . . The call—a..
Adopting Darrell
A mother's faith journey in parenting a profoundly difficult child. Answers to questions and hope..
Jungle Calls (larger version)
Jungle Calls by Ron Snell is Book 3 of The Rani Adventures, also known as The Jungle Series. ..
When You Both Go to Work
Newest Version! A storehouse of ideas to help employed couples "juggle their act" . . . ..
The Wit and Wisdom of Pastor Joe Brumbelow
What kind of preacher is a good-natured practical jokester one moment and a monofocused, passiona..
Rani Adventure Series, 3-Volume Set
Great for kids ages 8-12! (But adults love these books, too!) Purchase all three volumes of t..
It's a Jungle Out There (larger version)
Book One of the Rani Adventures begins with Ron Snell's birth as the eldest child of missionary p..
Daughter of No One
Great for kids ages 8-12! All alone in the world, Welki wonders whether she matters to anyone..
Lessons from a Broken Chopstick: A memoir of a peculiar childhood
Was the cause really worth it all? Like many parents who are on mission with God in a foreign..
The Man in the Green Jeep
Who will rescue Chico's starving village? Life is caving in for the family of Chico, a young ..
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The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Bad Bug Bite
When the little brown-haired girl's dad tells her she can play outside, she gets so excited she f..
The Truth in Crisis, 5-vol. set
The shift in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) toward conservatism is one of the most importa..