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On the 8th Day, God Laughed
Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Certainly not three-time Emmy Award winner Gene Perre..
Shepherd-Shaped: I Am My Beloved's and He Is Mine
Everyone loves a good love story. Solomon's Song of Songs—a love story told by God Himself—is..
In His Steps Today
"What would Jesus do?" In the classic In His Steps by Charles Sheldon some Christian group..
Make-Believers: Ending the Pretending to Live Happily Ever After
Ever feel as though your Christian life is more like a performance on stage for God and the world..
The Secret File on John Birch
Most Americans recognize the name of John Birch because of the high-profile and often controversi..
God's Formula for Genuine Happiness
Rick Warren, author of the best-selling The Purpose Driven Life, says, "This little book is a gem..
We Can Change America
Can one average Christian really make a difference in the United States? Author Darylann Whitemar..
The Meaning of Christmas
Great for kids ages 0-8 A children's story in picture and verse using familiar nursery-rhyme ..
Life Verses Alive
What is a life verse? We talk about them and even quote them with only a hazy understanding of wh..
The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 6
In response to customer requests, Hannibal Books in 2004 reprinted James C. Hefley's much sought-..
Arabs, Christians, and Jews
"The Middle East today is a tinderbox of chaos, turmoil, hostility, and frustration. Why can't th..
This romance novel takes place on the mission field in Brazil. Dani Austin may be young, but she'..
As the Sparks Fly Upward
Jimmy and Johnny Burns don't go out hunting adventure. They don't have to. Hair-raising scrapes l..
Escape from America
Could the USA ever become as repressive as the Soviet Union once was? Could the now-independent s..
Country Music Comin' Home
Few people can refute the influence of music on society. Country Music Comin' Home gives an overv..