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Life Verses Alive
What is a life verse? We talk about them and even quote them with only a hazy understanding of wh..
The Truth in Crisis, Vol. 6
In response to customer requests, Hannibal Books in 2004 reprinted James C. Hefley's much sought-..
Arabs, Christians, and Jews
"The Middle East today is a tinderbox of chaos, turmoil, hostility, and frustration. Why can't th..
This romance novel takes place on the mission field in Brazil. Dani Austin may be young, but she'..
As the Sparks Fly Upward
Jimmy and Johnny Burns don't go out hunting adventure. They don't have to. Hair-raising scrapes l..
Escape from America
Could the USA ever become as repressive as the Soviet Union once was? Could the now-independent s..
Country Music Comin' Home
Few people can refute the influence of music on society. Country Music Comin' Home gives an overv..
What if Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus?
A stomach-churning tightrope walk across quicksand. A loving big brother who takes a beating to i..
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Way Back in the Korn Fields (larger version)
A good dose of humor that's corny enough to make Grandpa laugh without making Grandma blush—hum..
Awaken the Dawn
Lisa Andersen gave in to God's call to teach at a remote jungle school in South America for one y..
Unmoveable Witness
Others might have given in. Why did these missionaries remain steadfast? Marion Corley and fa..
Fit to Serve
Serving God in a sluggish, unfit, improperly nourished temple? Most Christians would love to..
Witness to the Truth (Hardback version)
Keepsake hardback version, with beautiful dust jacket.   The gloves-off, unvarnishe..
Movin' Mountains
Meet Charity Lynne Waller, a 7-year-old girl with blue eyes, freckles, and dark brown hair just l..
Beyond Surrender
One family's quest to bring light to West Africa's darkness After surrendering to missions in..
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